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Gigway is a Stockholm-based freelancer platform matching companies with specialists within media, marketing, design and tech. Hire, chat, report, contracts, salaries, payments – in one platform. We’ve gathered over 3000 of the best in Sweden.

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Gigway is for people with digital skills to offer. Both non-freelancers and freelancers (you don’t even need to have a company to freelance with Gigway). We’re democratizing the consultancy industry by giving back control to the individual. Sign up, create your profile and get matched with gigs. Chat with companies, send price offers, e-sign contracts and report in the app. Get paid to your own company or salary to your personal bank account.

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This is what some of our

Giggers say...

" I've had a great experience at Gigway from start. I've had the pleasure of being introduced to amazing clients and projects that have suited my skill set perfectly. Through Gigway I have formed great relationships and experiences that are well in line with my career path and goals. All the team at Gigway have all been very accommodating and great to work with. "

Sara Norrbom

Gigger, Senior graphic designer

" What I like about being a freelancer is the freedom. To be able to control when, with whom and where I work. Gigway is as freelance life should be. Easy to use, fun gigs and a stress-free experience. "

Erik Huss

Gigger, SEO specialist

" I'm very appreciative of the way Gigway managed the process of the project and supported me as a freelancer. Gigway was very helpful in communicating with the client and assuring the project could be completed. "

Frida Nyvall

Gigger, Designer & Front-end Developer


Some of our most asked questions.

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How do I get paid?

We give you the option to either get paid as an employee via Gigway, or through invoice.

Do I need a company?

No. We have the option for you to get employed by Gigway which means you’ll get a salary. If you have a company you can simply send an invoice.

How much do I get paid?

It’s entirely up to you. Upon creating an account you can set your preferred salary. The salary for each gig is always a negotiation between you and the company offering you a gig.


How do I find giggers?

You’ll be able to find, hire and manage giggers (freelancers) in your free company account when you have posted your first gig. 

How much does it cost?

Gigway is a free platform but we have a fixed rate of 12% service fee of the gig transaction for matching, the platform, support and administration.

How do I get an account?

Create your company account here. Then you can start posting gigs and get going.

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