There is no place like the Swedish capital to find the coziest, coolest, and most inspiring cafes to get in that perfect working mood. Coffee in Sweden is taken very seriously, though, so it is not only important that the place is nice and quiet but that they offer good coffee, fika, and lunch. Taking those requirements into consideration, we have picked our top 10 best cafes to work in Stockholm as a freelancer:

Il Caffe 

You can find the chain all over Stockholm nowadays (and even in Los Angeles), but it all started in Kungsholmen back in 1996. It is a usual spot for freelancers, a cozy and hip place where you will have great WiFi, fika, and grilled sandwiches – all you need for a productive day. If you prefer even a quieter area, the Drottninggatan- and Södermalm branches have more private rooms at the back where you will be able to sit without any major distractions.


Il Caffe – Bergsgatan 17

Il Caffe – Södermannagatan 23

Il Caffe – Långholmsgatan 19

Il Caffe – Drottninggatan 85



Apart from being a restaurant with an excellent and delicate menu, Broms, located in Östermalm, also offers a great living room setting where you can work comfortably. You can do it while enjoying the breakfast buffet, which includes home-made sour-dough bread and marmalades. 

Location: Karlaplan, Karlavägen 76, 114 59

Fern & Fika

In this cozy, not so crowded place you will be able to enjoy a calm and cozy environment while you enjoy amazing plant-based fika and meal options.

Location: Hornstull, Långholmsgatan 11, 117 33

Urban Deli Sveavägn

This full-concept place (café, restaurant, food hall, and hotel) has plenty of airy, clean, and comfortable space (with lots of sockets as well!) where you can spend the day working calmly. Don’t forget to try their lunch options, delicious smoothies, or other healthy treats. 

Location: Sveavägen 44, 111 34


One of the favorites for the locals and in a high ranking in the White Guide Café listing, Kaffeverket, has incredible pastries, coffee, and meals. Also, it is a great place to sit and get some stuff done – its high ceilings, white tiles, and Scandinavian wooden set interior will get you immediately into your ‘zone’. It is quite popular and tends to be busy, so go either in the morning or late afternoon for an optimal working day. 

Location: Sankt Eriksgatan 88, 113 62


As the name suggests, the purpose of these café is to recreate an office where you can drink coffee – which sounds ideal for a freelancer. With many available places to sit and a quieter hidden area, you will find the place packed with entrepreneurs and students that altogether create a perfect working atmosphere. Plus the WiFi works perfectly.

Location: Södermalm, Tjärhovsgatan 5, 116 21


Johan & Nyström – Södermalm

It is definitely THE place if you are a coffee nerd. On top of that, it also offers a charming space with high ceilings, lots of natural light, and good WiFi, of course. During the summer you can also sit outside, enjoy the sun, and make the best out of your nomad office

Location: Swedenborgsgatan 7, 118 48

The Park Södra

In this hip and beautiful co-working space in Södermalm, they also have a café where you can sit while you get a coffee lunch. If you like the creative vibe that surrounds the place, you can also become a member. 

Location: Södermalm, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, 11863

Gast café

The sibling of Kaffeverket, Gast is a very pretty café with characteristic dusty pink tiles and delicious coffee blends, pastries, and light lunch options

Location: Rådmansgatan 57, 113 60


This 1950s inspired, hipsterish café is close to Konstfack University College, which attracts many students. It is also a spot frequented by designers and artists that want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in an inspiring atmosphere. 

Location: Valborgsmässovägen 34, 126 37







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