Hiring a freelancer can have many benefits for your business -reducing costs, work on a project basis, and make your workforce more flexible and scalable- but it can also be an overwhelming task. With millions of professionals out there, how one knows which one is the right one for a specific project? In case you find someone, how do you track the work and manage the communication with the professional in the most effective way? And, on top of that, how to handle contracts and other legal procedures in a way that doesn’t take you too much time?

Luckily, there are some simple ways nowadays to solve all these questions and hire an expert freelancer easily. The gig economy is becoming the new normal. In fact, a McKinsey study shows that around 94 million people in the European Union are engaged in independent work in one way or another.

Therefore, to hire expert freelancers online is now easy and accessible for everyone – everything we need is just a few clicks away.


1. Look up at freelancer marketplace platforms

In a freelance service platform you can find a big number of freelance professionals from different working areas. These platforms not only give you the chance to explore portfolios and previous work but also filter the search according to your needs – area of expertise, years of experience, location, price range, etc. Moreover, at Gigway, we take into account your project and match you with the best freelancers of our community, we handle all the paperwork, and most importantly, you have our support 24/7 for any request, issue, or any other concern. A fast and authomatized but human and personalized service will make the hiring process easy, efficient, and worth it.


2. Post the gig on the platform and be specific

Taking time to write a good description of the project at hand is a highly important step. To find the best freelancers and get matched with them, you need to post the gig and describe it as accurately as possible. The more information we have, the better we will match you with freelancers that fit your needs. Moreover, the more information the freelancers have the better they will know how to offer the best solution.


3. Time to choose and hire an expert freelancer

Once you have posted the gig, you will receive different offers from our community of freelancers. Through the Gigway platform, you will be able to accept or reject the proposals. If interested, you can start a conversation with the freelancer immediately to schedule a potential interview. Once the contract is signed, you will have support from Gigway 24/7. 


4. Project finished!

Once the project is done and both parts are satisfied, you do not have to worry about the payment. At Gigway we automatically create an invoice and send it. Fast, efficient, and easy to use.

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