Tuesday, 25th on June 2019, we gathered around with some people from our very own community, and enjoyed time together at our App Release After Work! We had a great time at The Park with the amazing people, sharing drinks, laughs, opinions and ideas for Gigway.

Adrian, our CEO, hosted a presentation showing Gigway’s current status and where we are heading next. Afterwards, we had a discussion about features and the freelancer life. We received good feedback on our app – which has been live for a week, so giggers have now been using and trying it out for the past week.

Interesting ideas came up; inviting friends, sending gigs to friends, choosing companies that you would like to work with, recieving information on why you didn’t qualify for a gig… just to name a few.

We are still trying to realize the size of the interest towards Gigway, and we are so happy to discuss ideas and opinions further. Now, we are working on new updates from all this feedback.

We want to give a huge thanks to the people joining our AW, and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.

Remember, the app is live and ready to be downloaded by you.
Check it out at – https://apple.co/3018oCW

If you are looking to hire a specialist, please contact us at hello@gigway.se

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