Taking Action

COVID 19 Taking action in the job market

Gigway is a gig platform matching professional skilled people with gigs in Sweden within media, marketing, design and tech. Because of COVID-19, many people have already lost their jobs and many freelancers have lost all of their income. Companies have to let people go, while others have too much to do. We have to bridge the gap.

Gigway is focused on individuals, but we now open up for companies to rent out their staff as freelancers to other companies as subcontractors. So more companies can keep their staff and less people go without jobs. 

  •  Rent out your employees

If you are over-staffed and don’t want to let people go. Rent them out by inviting here.

  • Hire remote giggers for freelance work

2000+ people within Marketing, media, design, tech – hire what you need for remote work. 

If you are a hiring manager at a business who is experiencing growth (which is wonderful) then why not source staff or an extra pair of hands from gigway. There are talented, experienced and professional staff just waiting for an opportunity to help you realise your goals. 


    Taking action in uncertain times

    Find out how you can take advantage of the service or alternatively,

    how you can find the right giggers to help you.

    Rent Out Your Employees

    Rent Out Your Employees offers a  practical solution to companies who are considering redundancies, furlough or struggling to find work for certain team members as we feel the effects of the Coronavirus on the economy. Together we can bridge the gap between those who are over staffed and considering redundancies to those who are experiencing exponential growth and struggling to provide a timely service to the public.  

    Please read our terms & conditions before referring your staff



      How “Rent Out Your Employees” works

      Enter your details to invite your employees

      Check your inbox after filling in your details. Simply forward the information we have provided onto your selected employees. 

      Your employees create a profile on Gigway

      Your staff create a profile on Gigway using your company information essentially making them a subcontractor on your behalf.

      We match employees with gigs

      Then Gigway creates an automatic contract for your staff and the company that wants to hire them. No need to spend hours and creating a contract!

      Get paid

      When the gig is done and the client is satisfied, Gigway will automatically generate an invoice, the client pays your company, allowing you to pay your staff. Everything is managed on our platform and we handle all the paperwork. 

      Hey hiring manager…

      All that remains to do is to click that big blue button above, enter in your corporate details and we will send you an email confirmation. In this email, we will explain how to refer your staff, give you a useful PDF to forward to your team to let them know you are recommending them for this service plus some other useful hints and tips. At the moment this service is only available in Sweden.

      Alternatively, you can also talk to us using our chat function in the bottom right corner, we would be happy to answer any questions.

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      Skeppsbron 28, 111 30 Stockholm

      [email protected]

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