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How does it work?

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What’s the gigway plan for freelancers and hiring managers?

Gigway is available for gigs within media, marketing, design and tech in Sweden. Still, our vision is to make gig work accessible and organised for professionals in all urban areas in Europe. Gigway has big dreams of uniting professional freelancers with the coolest companies, creating an entirely new environment for the gig economy. Building a community space to learn, work, grow and progress.

A new gig platform built with you in mind

The Gigway team is here to ensure everything works smoothly. Where you need support on creating an excellent gig listing that attracts the right freelancers, or you need help optimising your profile, we are here to support your journey. Ask questions, send in suggestions and together let’s create the future for the gig economy.

Gigway AB, 556908-2497

Skeppsbron 28, 111 30 Stockholm

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