In today’s episode of what we now call “Gigger Interviews”, as it makes more sense, we interview the British online growth strategist Angelica Sykes. An energetic and positive person with a background in professional snowboarding, doesn’t get more interesting than that!

Who are you and what do you work with?

My name is Angelica Sykes and I am an Online Growth Strategist. Generally, how I like it is when I come in and help a company set up its online growth. Normally, I just work on their organic search results through Google. But, It depends on the client. Some want you to stay and help them implement all these structures and everything like that. Others want you to go, and they can outsource instead. I have managed to work up a really cool client base and I do a mix of these two things.

What is the best part of what you do?

That is a very good question. I think everybody has this romantic idea of what it is like to be a consultant or freelancer. That you can stay in your pajamas all day. You know, just eat junk food at home and type a little bit on your computer. Although that is fun at the start. That novelty wears off and the fun part becomes the freedom of the location, you can work from wherever. And also, time zones. Having clients in Asia, Europe, the US, and others, making it all work because that is how business is done these days. It is remote and really modern. I think it is fun for our generation to experience that.

The fun part becomes the freedom of the location, you can work from wherever.

How did you get your first client job?

Oh, that is a really interesting question. I think it was a really unique situation for me. So, when I was snowboarding professionally I had a lot of brands approach me to do Instagram takeovers. Then other brands started approaching me, wanting me to run their Instagram for them. That later snowballed in the industry of outdoor brands wanting me to help them with some social media content creation. Then that led to the next step of social media marketing and so on and so forth. That was an interesting place to start I think, not many people would start that way.

What advice would you give to new freelancers?

That is a very difficult question. I think the answer I’ll give won’t be the most constructive. You end up doing, at the start, a lot for free. You will do lots of really poorly paid work. I think the one piece of advice I would give is: Know your worth. If you are a smart person who wants to commit to a task, who wants to see the project through and is willing to put the research in. But, not only that. Understand that there is always something new to learn. So, yeah. Know your worth and continue to read up. Watch webinars, youtube series, read a lot and sign up to as many mailing lists as you can to constantly refresh.

I think the one piece of advice I would give is: Know your worth.

Thank you, Angelica, for the interview and it is great to work together with you at The Park.
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Thanks for reading!

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