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Our technology matches you with the best freelance videographer out of our pool of 3000+ specialists consultants.

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Gigway makes the hiring process easy, quick and efficient. We manage contracts, invoices, and formalities. We make sure you get the most talented freelance videographer in Sweden without worrying a single bit.

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Posting a freelance videographer job is free, you only have to set up the account and you’re ready to get started and hire new talent. We only charge a fixed fee of 12% once you have found the right freelancer and the project is done.

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Do you need to produce a corporate video? Or do you need some footage of an upcoming event? We got your back.

We have a pool of 3000+  freelancers and videographers based in Sweden. We only choose the best. You can hire one in less than 24 hours, saving time in both recruiting and administration.

Starting an account is free, you just have to create a job post and we will match the best freelance videographer for your project.


Disrupting the old way of hiring freelancers

We are solving a problem: to find and hire the best freelancers locally in an easy and efficient way. At Gigway we are the intersection of online talent platforms and agencies. What makes us different? Our payments and tax acts according to local standards and you can work with professionals close to you. As we are working with independent workers, the freelancers have freedom to choose which gigs they want to work with as well as ensure they get more money by skipping more expensive intermediaries.

While most freelance videographers invoice their work hourly, you can also set the price per project or if it is a long term project, on a monthly basis. You can start conversations and send proposals in our platform – an all-in-one solution that will save you time and money.

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