What is a content writer? Is it the same as copywriting? How does it differ?

These are common questions as content writing is becoming more and more relevant in the job market. The main difference between copywriting and content writing lies in its purpose. Although they both have to do with writing and creating content but they have their own purpose. For example, the main goal of SEO content writing, which is what we’re gonna be focusing on, is to generate organic traffic via search engines, or in other words, attracting views. As for copywriting, the goal is turning the mentioned traffic into leads and sales.

In this digital era, content writers become more and more demanded as the need for content increases. Content is as vital as the layout of your site since it increases activity to your page and helps you attract readers. Content writers produce engaging content for online use, which can be articles, blog posts, descriptions of the products, etc. You don’t really need a degree to become a content writer, but it does require some skills. There are certain things you need to know to learn how to become a successful content writer, here’s how to start:


1. Always do some research before starting writing

Every content writer has to have extensive knowledge and familiarize themselves with what they are going to be writing about,  gather enough information and find enough resources to build credibility.

2. Originality matters

Being original is what makes a successful content writer. Avoid copying from other sites or sources or copying specific phrases without referencing. Not only because it is not legit, but also because consumers want unique and quality content, and this is what in the end is going to drive more traffic.

3. Pick the right subject

You need a topic that will grab your audience’s attention. A good content writer knows how to write a head-turning headline, one that will spark the reader’s interests. Therefore, you need to understand your audience, understand what they like and what they would want to read. Then, you need to be creative. All successful writers are creative and create their unique style. Your published content is your voice. Focus on one purpose and one message you would like to convey. 




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