Being able to take their job on a longer trip or live abroad for a period is something many dream of. More people also plan to do so when the world starts to opens up. In Cool Company’s Freelance Report 2021, 58 percent of Swedes state that they want to bring their work on a longer trip or a move abroad for a while. Among young people aged 18-29, the will is greatest, 69 percent state that they would like to go away and work remotely. But how do you manage to take your job on a journey and at the same time be productive?

How do you combine your dream trip with work?

The opportunity to take the job with you on a trip can be an exciting experience. To get to know completely new environments, cultures, cities and people while you can continue to work on your dream job, and also continue to have an income. It sounds amazing, but all these exciting experiences can also have a negative impact on one’s productivity at work.

It’s easy to be attracted to all the new and exciting things, and you can easily fall behind in work. By setting deadlines and a to-do list you stick to, you can facilitate the work and get the best out of the two different worlds. Learn more about maintaining productivity on the go.

Check out our five tips below!

1.Plan ahead
The best tip is to prepare and plan in advance. If you reseach as much as possible about your destination, everything will be smoother. You may not want to compromise on the destination, but it is good to know the conditions for your work on site. Something as simple as the time difference to Sweden can be good to keep in mind. Although the options for accommodation may be limited, make sure that you have a suitable place to work. Find out what your options are and set up a plan.

It makes it easier to find out as much as possible about the destination, city and country you are going to stay before your trip.

2. Prepare a plan B
It’s always good to have a plan B, but it is extra important when traveling to foreign places. Unforeseen things that happen can be more difficult to deal with in a foreign country and with a more limited safety net around you. If something would happen, it helps to have other options available. For example, bring a power bank, in case the place you intend to work at doesn’t have opportunities to charge your computer, mobile and other tools. A plan B for accomodation can also help, if it doesn’t work out with your first place.

By preparing alternatives in advance, it will be easier to meet and tackle obstacles along the way.

4. Separate work and free time
Of course, you should experience and take the opportunity to enjoy when you live or travel abroad, but you can’t always go with the flow. At least not if you want to continue to be productive in your work. Although a trip or living abroad is an exciting experience, it can easily become a stress. Therefore, it’s good to set up times for work and leisure and stick to the plan. 

Another way to be able to differentiate between working hours and free time is to have a good work corner in the home. Investigate whether there is a coworking space nearby or find a cozy café that becomes your workplace. 

4. Create routines
You’ll need to create a routine to be able to continue to be productive in your work. It’s usually easier to be spontanious when traveling or living abroad than it is at home. You should be able to explore and experience you new home, but make sure that you create routines that suit your new everyday life.

It’s not only those who have a nine-to-five existence who needs routines, even if you have flexible working hours. It takes some time to get into new routines, but once you get used to it, it’s worth it. For some, it may be easiest to apply and adapt the same routines at work that you had at home, others prefer to create new routines adapted to their new normal.

Routines allow you to save time and become even more productive at work – and also get more out of your free time!

5. Take advantage of your new location
To fulfill a dream of living abroad for a period and soak up life and culture in a new place can provide energy that you can use in your work life. When you make new friends and acquaintances, you also broaden your network of contacts. It’s a benefit both in your private life but also professionally. By getting to know the locals you get to know a lot about other cultures and their views on things, which can give new ideas to your own working life.

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