We often see freelancers within the digital and art world but it’s especially interesting when we get someone like Jasmine, an entrepreneur by heart and passionate leader. Working with music in spaces in one end, and house services in the other.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jasmine Moradi. The last four years I’ve been working as Head of research at Soundtrack your brand, which is partly owned by Spotify. I’ve been working on managing the research department and looked at how music affects people in different spaces. Especially in restaurants and shops.

But today I’m doing two things. One of them is continuing on the psychology of music. Together with an architect from Mexico, we created a concept named Designing space for your ears.

The other is based on me buying an apartment in the south of France. When having an apartment in another country it’s very common to rent it out on Airbnb. But it’s like a second job to manage guests, boking and cleaning.

Therefore I started Reviera Hostify. Where hosts give us the keys to their resident and we will manage everything from marketing to cleaning.

What’s the best part of your work?

My favorite part about my work is working with psychology and people, even though I’m not a psychologist. I’m driven by patterns and trying to understanding how people work in different situations.
Music is truly such and amazing tool. It can impact us both positive or negative.

What’s your impression of Gigway?

I believe that society is moving away from ordinary 9-5 work. Some like the routine of 9-5 but for others, it might be better to sit where ever they want and working their own custom hours.

With that in mind, I really like that there’s a place where you can get matched with companies. Where the companies understand your previous experience, cause as a project manager you’re expected to sit in an office 9-5. I like the idea of a network where we can prove that a person can work from anywhere around the world but still deliver results.

Meet the community – Jasmine, Freelance project manager

The fourth episode of Meet the community where we interviewed Jasmine, a project leader, and entrepreneur.View English written version on our blog – https://www.gigway.se/meet-the-community-jasmine-freelance-project-manager

Posted by Gigway on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Thank you Jasmine for participating in the interview!
Great to have you in our community.

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