Today we are introducing Ulrika Kihlblom.
A freelance content writer from Stockholm.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ulrika Kihlblom and I am a freelance content writer.
That means I’m writing content for websites and such but mostly for what’s called content marketing for businesses. It could be for newsletters, news articles, blog posts, so-called white papers or case studies. Editorial work.

What’s the best part with content writing?

The best thing about content writing is you get to learn…
You are getting so educated.
There are so many weird subjects I get thrown into. Subjects that could seem very, very boring at first but as you dive deeper they become more interesting.

Why are you working as a freelancer and not as an employee?

The reason why I work as a freelancer is…
Well, firstly, I like that I don’t need to work with the same company all the time. Instead, I get to work with different companies. Even though I have multiple recurring clients It’s still a lot more variation between my assignments.

What qualities does one need to become a freelancer in your opinion?

What I think you need to become a great freelancer is drive and an own curiosity to continue forward.
There’s no one there to tell you what to do, you need to take the initiative.

What advice would you give an up coming freelancer?

The advice I would give someone who’s starting out as a freelancer today is to be aware that it takes time to build your business.
It takes time before you have a portfolio to show and before you’ve established a name in your line of trade.
But It’s important that you keep pushing because in a few years you’ll break loose and then it’ll be amazing.

Thank you, Ulrika, for sharing your experience and advice and thank you for being a part of the Gigway community.

Ulrika’s website

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