This is the first installment of Meet The Community where we sat down and had a coffee with Aljosja “Yoshi” Ziga.

For you who don’t know, Gigway offered 100+ freelancers in our community a free co-working seat in collaboration with The Park Södra.

Who are you and what do you do?

“My name is Aljosja, called Yoshi, and work as a freelance copywriter, content writer, translator and brand developer. I’ve been working with brands on previous jobs as brand manager and have always had a passion for writing.
I combined these two worlds in order to start my own company within content creation for companies.

I often say that I help ideas become brands and visions become a reality by putting words onto what’s going to be created. I like to be creative with words.

This is something I’ve been doing for quite a while now, a couple of years on the side of employment. Recently I’ve started my own company and currently I am doing it full-time”.

What separates you as a copywriter?

“I have a unique background compared to other copywriters. I have a degree in engineering, studied industriel economy at KTH with emphasis on marketing and software design.

I’ve later worked as a project manager and brand manager at Mondelez, owner of several brands such as Marabou, Daim, Aladdin etc… Giants within the Chocolate industry. I worked there for almost five years. After that, I worked at Röda Korset – so my work experience is very different.

But during all this time I’ve always been writing.

In between jobs I’ve got hired by a friend, who knew I liked writing and appreciates my style, to write for his start up.
And actually, the start up is on the cap I’m wearing today – Stixel.
As they were just launching, I’ve got to write for them. He was very satisfied with the results. Then, another friend asked me to write for him. He was also very satisfied with the results.

This got me thinking; “I should be able to do this for real”.

That was how I developed my freelancing business, and is now what I’m doing full-time. Working as a freelance copywriter.”

What’s your impression of Gigway?

“So far, I’ve got a very good feeling from Gigway.
As I, my self, am a freelancer, I understand the importance of freelance work and the Gig-method is definitely something for me.

I’ve seen it work successfully in different parts of the world, so it’s something I’m up to date with.
I’m really glad to see Gigway launching this in Stockholm. This is going to be a hit. There’s a lot of freelancers and companies looking for this type of work!

So far, the impression is very good and I’ve met some people from Gigway and they seem like a great team.

Just positivity so far!”

Thank you Yoshi for the interview and good luck with the freelancing life.
We’ll make sure to help you out!

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