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“What separates me from other graphic designers are my strategic approach to branding. I deep dive into what the brand stand for in a strategic way before I create something visual out of it. The strategic brandprocess is always a part of my work which makes the design more efficient and on point.” 

Sara Norrbom, Branding designer
Delivered new brand for Gigway client summer 2020.

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It is when you understand what the client wants to achieve, and what their business goals are. Also, when the client understands how strategy, design, and creativity help to contribute to their business. 

Serhat Ferat, Branding designer
Delivered new brand for Gigway client spring 2019.

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Telia’s digital department was looking for a User Experience Designer full time to work with researching, user stories and prototyping. With Gigway they found Maja, a freelancing UX Designer with a background from Hyper Island and experience from agencies as Knowit and Bontouch, as well as UX gigs for Telenor Business.


Maja Bergendahl, UI/UX Designer

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“When I started freelancing a long time ago I first didn’t sell or market myself. Things just worked out. But after a while I figured I should be more proactive. 

Oskar Glauser, Email Marketing evangelist
Oskar Glauser work as an innovation designer and is also the founder of Minutemailer. Having worked at both agencies and founded startups he now mainly freelances as designer working with innovative companies of all sizes.

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” I’ve had a great experience at Gigway from start. I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to amazing clients and projects that have suited my skill set perfectly. Through Gigway I have formed great relationships and experiences that are well in line with my career path and goals. All the team at Gigway have all been very accommodating and great to work with.”

Sara Norrbom

Freelancer, Senior graphic designer

” What I like about being a freelancer is the freedom. To be able to control when, with whom and where I work. Gigway is as freelance life should be. Easy to use, fun gigs and a stress-free experience. “

Erik Huss

Freelancer, SEO specialist

” I’m very appreciative of the way Gigway managed the process of the project and supported me as a freelancer. Gigway was very helpful in communicating with the client and assuring the project could be completed. “

Frida Nyvall

Freelancer, Designer & Front-end Developer

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Co-working deal for freelancers @ Södermalm, Stockholm! Coffee+wifi for 599kr/month

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Gigway Updates- Corona Virus Information for Giggers/Freelancers. Discover the latest from the government and more on how to manage the current climate

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Gigway Updates- Coronavirus Information for Employers & Companies. Cut through the noise and discover what you need to know right here with Gigway.

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