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Gigway lets you find qualified individuals for specialized projects.


Find the right person, fast

With hundreds of specialist giggers in our community, we match your gig request with the most relevant profiles. Just post your gig in the platform, and you get skilled, available and interested giggers. Review their profile and their price offer.

Save money on employees

We believe that the modern organization consists of a core team of full time employees, and an extra workforce manage through services such as Gigway. Use freelancing specialists for the projects or hours you need.

Let go of paperwork

Gigway is a digital platform with the vision to automate the recruitment and matching process. The platform automizes paper work such as contract creation and signing, salary payments and invoices.


Short Gigs

Need someone for just a few hours or a day? No problems, we have giggers available.

Recurring Projects

Need someone to join your team to perform a job ongoing on a hourly basis?

Full-time contracts

Need a full time freelancer to join your team for 1-12 months? Also possible.

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Hi, I’m Toni Leonoff and I’m the B2B manager at Gigway. Let me know if I can help you, [email protected] or at 070-838 33 60


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Pay the gigger’s fee and a small additional fee for using Gigway.

Once the gig is finished, you can easily pay the gigger the decided amount. Gigway takes a small fee upon finished gig.

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