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Invoice without your own company through Cool Company
– How it works

1. You have a new assignment

You have found a new assignment and you would like to invoice your client without having your own company.

2. Create and send your invoice

You create and send your invoice when you have completed your mission. Cool Company handles all administration, VAT and tax for you.

3. Your salary is paid to you, taxed and ready

Within 24 hours after your customer paid your invoice, you get your salary, taxed and ready!


Get a 100% free company account.

Get a free company account and publish your first assignment.
Specify the project, fee and skills you need.

Create assignments and get matched with qualified freelancers.

Your assignment will be matched with qualified freelancers on the platform. You can see their rate, skills and other information you’ll need to choose.

Sign contracts, keep track of progress and communicate.

Communicate with the freelancers, sign contracts easily in the message module and keep track of their progress with time stamps.

Pay the freelancer’s fee and a small additional fee for using Gigway.

Once the assignment is finished, you can easily pay the freelancer the decided amount. Gigway takes a small fee upon finished assignment.

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