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Gigway is a marketplace for freelance gigs. Sales are tough, we know. With Gigway, we do the sales for you. 

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Gigway provides on site-gigs and remotes gigs, depending on customer, project and timing. We believe in the possibility to work from anywhere in the world.

What some of our experienced giggers have to say about their clients

Project: Design for a web app 

Professional and serious company, just had a short gig together but it was very smooth and the communication was great.

Martin, UI designer

  • Gigger rated company 90% 90%
  • Company rated gigger 100% 100%

Project: Branding design for all channels

Great client to work with. Easy to communicate with and awesome products. Love designing for these guys!

Johanna, Branding designer

  • Gigger rated company 100% 100%
  • Company rated gigger 100% 100%

Project: Administration of several Wordpress sites

All went perfect! Had a good time working with the client.

Patrick, Wordpress developer

  • Gigger rated company 100% 100%
  • Company rated gigger 100% 100%


The freelancer

Gigway makes life easier for people who already freelance with their own company.


The enthusiast

People who want to do a small gig now and then, for a short period or hourly remote.

The full-timer

People who want to work full time as a freelancer can find full time consultant gigs.

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We’re embedding most of the process into our app, digitalizing the workflow. Message your client, sign contracts and time stamp directly inside the message module on the Gigway app. Gigway’s support is always ready to help you out.

Finish the project and get paid directly into your bank account. We handle tax, etc…

Of course, since Gigway is here to make your freelancing life easier, that also involves the headache of getting paid. Get employed by us or freelance from your own company. We’ll pay you the money.

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