We have since our start had a vision of creating a vibrant community and ecosystem for giggers with Gigway. One part of this vision is having a physical place to work and connect. With all the exceptional talents and competences, we want our giggers to be able to meet and share. Get to know each other. Grow, and work – together.

Like a star, fallen from the sky, we created this great opportunity together with The Park Södra to be able to make our vision come true. From today until September, we have the chance to offer our giggers a possibility to co-work at The Park Södra, a freshly opened co-working space,where giggers will be able to work on their own projects, but together! We are glad to be able to collaborate with such like-minded partners as The Park Södra.

For our giggers, there are possibilities to either sit at working desks, hang out and work in the large, cozy lounge areas or the members café. This, combined with fun events such as breakfasts, presentations and maybe a party, who knows… with all this and great company, we wish this to be the start of something spectacular. Let’s gig on!

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